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Which Social Media Accounts Really Matter?

Undoubtedly, all companies should have a social media presence today. Facebook continues to be the reigning champ of social media...

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Google Chrome has a new algorithm to load Web pages in...

Using the company's Brotli compression algorithm that was introduced last September, Google Chrome browser will soon load page in...

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Latest Web design trends

Generally speaking, the latest websites are following more or less a similar design or grid. But this is only because they have become...

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The art of connecting customers to products

Marketing is The building of a relationship between a company, a product, and a consumer by understanding the value of their needs..

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Why is blogging important for your business?

Blogging, initially, was a trend in the past few years. Nevertheless, due to the improvement of the social media and its dominance...

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Who pays for facebook?

In late 2016 Facebook earned $6.8 billion in ad revenue, $5.7 billion come from mobile ads alone, making 84% of Facebook’s ad revenue....

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